Creating and using Track Folders

Track folders are used to group multiple audio, bus, and instrument tracks, as well as other track folders. A track folder functions as a submix, or bus, for its child tracks. Track folders can also be used for managing and organizing your project.

You can nest track folders up to five levels deep, and each folder can contain an unlimited number of tracks but when exporting to BandLab, each main track folder exports as a single audio file.

Inserting a track folder 

To insert a track folder track, do one of the following:

  1. Click the Insert Track button , then select Track Folder
  2. Select Insert Insert Track Folder
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+G (Windows) / CMD+SHIFT+G (Mac)

Placing tracks into a new track folder

  1. Select the tracks you want to group
  2. Click Edit and select Move to Track Folder or press CTRL+G (Windows) / CMD+G (Mac).

Placing tracks into an existing track folder

  1. Select the tracks you want to move to a folder
  2. Drag any of the selected tracks into the folder

Removing tracks from Track Folders

To remove tracks from a track folder, drag the tracks out of the folder or if you'd like to remove all tracks from a track folder, select the track folder and go to Edit Remove From Folder, or press CTRL+U (Windows) / CMD+U (Mac).

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