Using the Lyrics Track and Inspector

The Lyrics Track allows you to create lyrics that are in sync with your music. Large scrolling lyrics can be shown by using the Lyric Inspector.

Lyrics Track/Inspector

The Lyrics Inspector consists of the Lyrics Editor, Lyrics Scratch Pad, and Lyrics Prompter.

Showing/hiding the Lyrics Inspector 

To show/hide the Lyrics Inspector, do one of the following: 

  • Select View > Show Lyrics Inspector Double-click a lyric line in the Lyrics track timeline 
  • Press F7

Showing/hiding the Lyrics track 

To show or hide the Lyrics track, do one of the following: 

  • Click the Track View Options button and select Lyrics under Project Tracks
  • Select View > Show Lyrics Track or Press ALT+L (Windows) / OPTION+L (Mac). The Lyrics track is shown directly under the Arranger track (if visible), above regular tracks. 
  • To resize the Lyrics track, drag the splitter bar between the Lyrics pane and the Track pane to change its height.

Full details for each can be found in the Cakewalk Next manual here

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