Track View Options

The Track View Options menu Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 5.29.23 PM.png contains the following:

  • Arranger: Show/hide the Arranger track, which allows you to create arbitrary song sections anywhere on the project timeline, then later string them together for seamless playback. 
  • Lyrics: Show/hide the Lyrics track, which allows you to edit the time ranges of lyric events. 
  • Fit Vertically: Resize tracks vertically to fill the Track pane.
  • Zoom to fit: Zoom the selection horizontally.
  • Track height presets: Quickly resize all tracks vertically.
  • Expand track folders: Expand all track folders.
  • Collapse track folders: Collapse all track folders.

More information about Track View Options can be found in the Track Pane section(pg 11) of the Cakewalk Next user guide here



**(Information to use in Accordions)

To configure Track Heights, click View > Track Heights.

Options for Tracks Heights are:

  • Default
  • Tall
  • Medium
  • Short
  • Minimum

To fit Tracks Vertically, select Fit Tracks Vertically or use the shortcut Shift F.

To have tracks zoom to fit, select Zoom to Fit or use the shortcut F.

You can also restore Custom Tracks Heights by selecting Custom Track Heights from the View tab.

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