Unable to Select Audio Device / Missing Device

Audio interfaces are normally recognized shortly after connecting the device to your machine. There are some cases, however, where Cakewalk by BandLab might not let you choose the audio device, or it may not even be an option to select at all.

Start by connecting your audio device prior to launching Cakewalk by BandLab. After, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio > Devices. If your device is connected but you do not see it listed in the Devices category, you may have the wrong Driver Mode selected!

Use this guide to changing driver modes, then check the Audio > Devices category again. Check the boxes in the Input and Output categories to make sure your device is ready for use. Click Apply and OK to save any changes!

If you see your device but you are unable to select it within the menu, try unchecking all of the currently selected boxes. This should enable you to now select from any of the listed devices.

Helpful Hints:

The ASIO driver mode only allows for one device to be connected at a time. 

WASAPI Exclusive mode only allows for one application to access the driver at a time.

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