Sonar Display Scale

The Display Scale slider in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display allows you to adjust the display scaling of Sonar independently from the global Windows display scale setting (Settings > Systems > Display). Select a custom scaling size between 75%–150%.



Note: Low Display Scale values work better at higher DPI resolutions. For example, a low-resolution 1080p screen at 96 DPI, so a Display Scale value of 75% will result in a tiny UI that is potentially difficult to read. On the other hand, a 4K screen at 75% will also show a tiny UI, but may still be usable because it has 4x the number of pixels.

Known Limitations

The Display Scale slider is an experimental feature and will continue to be refined in future versions. The biggest known issue is that third party modules in the ProChannel do not scale arbitrarily like the rest of the UI, as shown in the following examples:


Display Scale = 75%:

Display Scale = 150%:

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