What is DPI Awareness?

Please Note! DPI Awareness is only available on Cakewalk Sonar

Sonar provides DPI Awareness, which improves user interface clarity and reduces blurriness, particularly on modern, high-DPI displays (such as 4K). DPI Awareness, enabled by default, can sharpen graphics and make text easier to read. Improvements will be most noticeable when using large, high-resolution displays and Windows display scaling sets higher than 100%.

When should I enable DPI Awareness?

DPI Awareness is enabled by default and is the recommended setting for most users. However, it can be disabled if necessary.

Sonar also allows DPI Awareness to be enabled/disabled for individual VST2/3 plugins when required. Not all plugins work well on high-DPI displays; some older plugins, in particular, would require per-plugin settings as described in this article

Ideally, DPI Awareness should always be enabled, irrespective of your display type, and should not be disabled unless necessary. 

When should I disable DPI Awareness?

DPI Awareness should always be enabled, irrespective of your display type. The option to disable it app-wide is provided as a last resort to resolve severe display issues, particularly with VST plugins that don't display correctly when DPI Awareness is enabled and that cannot otherwise be resolved by disabling DPI Awareness on a per-plugin basis. If DPI Awareness is disabled, Sonar and all plugins will be forced into a ‘DPI unaware’ mode that may look noticeably blurry/pixelated, particularly on high-resolution displays. 

How can I enable DPI Awareness?

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display.
  • Select Enable DPI Awareness.
  • Restart Sonar.

The next time you start Sonar, a notification confirms that DPI Awareness is enabled.

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