Per-plugin DPI Awareness

In addition to the global Enable DPI Awareness app setting, you can also enable/disable DPI Awareness on a per-plugin basis for VST plugins. DPI Awareness is enabled by default for all VST plugins and can be disabled on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether the plugins are compatible with display scaling. For example, some older plugins may appear too small on large, high-resolution monitors, so disabling DPI Awareness might be preferable.

How do I enable DPI Awareness per plugin?

  • Open the VST plugin's property page.
  • Click the VST2/VST3 drop-down menu in the VST plugin toolbar and select Enable Plugin DPI Awareness.

Note: If you use a 1080P monitor with Windows display scaling set to 100%, you may want to disable DPI Awareness to ensure that plugins draw correctly.

Common plugin issues

  • Plugins may appear too small or too large compared to the rest of the UI on high-DPI screens.
  • Some UI elements may appear to be fuzzy/pixelated
  • Blurry text

Non-compliant plugins may look small on high-resolution displays when DPI Awareness is enabled. Conversely, when DPI Awareness is disabled, they may scale incorrectly. Such issues result from plugin limitations and can only be resolved by the plugin vendor. We recommend that you contact the vendor for a solution if you encounter similar symptoms. In the meantime, either leave DPI Awareness enabled or disable DPI Awareness globally as a last resort.

DPI Awareness: On

DPI Awareness: Off

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