Using the Plug-in Manager

The Plug-in Manager is a tool that lets you control how plug-ins appear in your application’s plugin menus. After you install Cakewalk by BandLab, you can open the Plug-in Manager from the Utilities menu.

Use the Plug-in Manager to:

  • Create and load your own menu layouts.
  • Hide plugins by moving them to the plugin exclusion list. After you hide a plugin, it no longer appears in plugin menus.
  • Register and edit VST plugins.
  • Manage your plugin presets.


Here are some frequently asked questions about using the Plug-in Manager:

Some of my plugins are missing after the VST Scan.

If plugins are missing, choose Show Excluded from the Manage Exclusion list category, then select any plugin category to see if any registered plugins were found. If so, select the plugin name, and choose Enable Plugin.

How can I rename my plugins?
    1. In the Registered Plug-ins list, double-click the plug-in you wish to rename. The Set Plug-in Friendly Name dialogue appears.
    2. Enter the desired friendly name, and click OK.
How can I hide a plugin?
    1. Under Manage Exclusion List, select Show Enabled.
    2. In the Registered Plug-ins list, select all the plug-ins you wish to exclude (to make multiple selections, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key and click each plug-in you wish to select).
    3. Click the Exclude Plug-in button.
How can I import my plugin presets?
    1. Select a plugin in the Registered Plug-ins list.
    2. Click the Import button. The Import Presets For: [name of plug-in] dialogue appears.
    3. Navigate to the folder where your new .spp file for this particular plug-in is located, select the .spp file, and click the Open button.

The Plug-in Manager adds the new preset to the plug-in’s list of available presets.

How can I create custom plugin menu layouts?
    1. Click New Folder under the Plug-in Menu Layout category. Make a right-click on the New Folder and choose Rename to set a name for the folder.
    2. In the Registered Plug-ins list, click on the effect you'd like to add(to make multiple selections, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key and click each plug-in you wish to select), choose the correct folder and click Add Plugin.
    3. To save the new Layout, click the Save button that’s just above the Plug-in Menu Layout list.
    4. Enter the Display Name, and click Save.
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