What recording options are available?

There are several recording options to enhance your workflow on Next. To access the recording settings, click on the Drop-down Menu Icon beside the Record button. This will open a panel where you can set up your recording process with the following settings:

  • Record Count-in - Plays the specified number of beats or measures of metronome clicks before recording begins. Select the number of clicks for the count-in, then select Beats or Measures. This can help you “get in the groove” before performing. 
  • Pre-Roll Audio - Select to play the project during count-in
  • Enable - Activates the metronome, which is necessary in order to use the record count-in
  • Record Mode - Specifies how the recording affects the existing material
    • Overwrite - The recording will replace the existing material in the armed track(s). When loop recording, each take overwrites the previous take.
    • Takes To Folder - Only the most recent take is audible, and the older takes are muted. When loop recording, each take is recorded onto a separate track. After you stop recording, you can view all the tracks grouped into a new track folder.
    • Punch Recording - Allows recording of a take within a specific region. Use the range arrows Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 8.26.36 PM.png to target a region of the recording to punch in specifically
    • Overdub MIDI - Allows overdubbing of MIDI notes within a MIDI region instead of replacing the MIDI performance
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