Listen to a MIDI file downloaded from the internet!

  1. Find a MIDI file (.mid) from a source like MIDI World, etc.
  2. Download the file, which will default to your Downloads folder unless otherwise specified.
  3. Open Cakewalk by BandLab and choose File > Open and use the browser select the .mid file. If you have a project open, click File > Import > MIDI, and select your file.
  4. The MIDI tracks will automatically generate into the project. At this point, there is no audio because MIDI does not contain any audio.
  5. Click the [+] Add Track button, and click the Instrument tab. Keep the default TTS-1, and press Create.
  6. Press "i" to open the inspector view. At the bottom of each MIDI track, ensure the output is assigned to TTS-1. TTS-1 will automatically recognize the necessary patch for each track.
  7. Press spacebar to play the track. You can use the Tempo module in the transport section to adjust tempo accordingly.
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