Adding Tracks and Plugins

Cakewalk by BandLab enables you to create and select your own personal workflow. Often there are multiple ways to perform tasks. For example, you’ll definitely be adding Tracks (audio, instrument, or MIDI) as well as plugins (audio or MIDI) to your projects. Here are just a couple ways to do so:


The fastest way to add an Audio track is to use the [+] button in the Track Pane Header. You can quickly select your input, record enable your track, or click the advanced menu for additional routing options. You can even choose how many tracks to create using these settings.

Additionally, you can add a track using the Insert tab on the toolbar. Click Insert > Audio Track to instantly add a single track. Settings can be modified on the Track Strip or in the Inspector View.


Just like adding an audio track, the fastest way to add an Instrument track is to use the [+] button in the Track Pane Header. You can quickly select your software instrument of choice, select an input device (such as a MIDI Keyboard, virtual controller, or MIDI Omni to accept all MIDI signal sent to that track), while having the same recording and routing options.

If you use the Insert tab, you’ll want to go to Insert > Soft Synth, and choose your software instrument. A new menu will appear with options. Make sure Simple Instrument Track is selected to keep the MIDI notation and audio output contained in a single track.


Inserting a blank MIDI track can only be performed by using Insert > MIDI Track. If you instead are looking to bring MIDI tracks into your session, use File > Import > MIDI and select your file. Keep in mind, MIDI tracks do not contain audio! You’ll need to send the output of your MIDI track to an software instrument or host like TTS-1 to hear audio playback.