Downloading, Installing and Activating Cakewalk Next

Cakewalk Next is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is currently under Early Access via BandLab Membership and requires an active BandLab Membership Subscription to work. If you do not have Membership you can sign up for it using your BandLab account through this link.

  1. Go to the Cakewalk website
  2. Click on the Cakewalk Next Banner
  3. Under 'Now Available Through BandLab Membership' select your operating system to download the corresponding version.
  4. Once installed, open Cakewalk Next
  5. You will be prompted to Sign in to your BandLab Account to activate
  6. Sign in with your BandLab Membership Account details 
  7. Cakewalk Next is activated, and you can now save and export your projects.
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