How to use the Sampler?

The XSampler is a simple sampler that lets you import or record audio, perform basic processing, and play it like an instrument with up to 16 voices. You can instantly convert a single audio file to play back at different pitches and speeds.

Adding Samples

There are many ways to get audio into the XSampler:

  • Import the audio by clicking the Browse Audio Button and selecting the audio file you want to import
  • Drag loops and one-shots from the Loop Browser into the XSampler
  • Drag audio clips from any track into the XSampler
  • Record directly into the XSampler
    1. Click the Drop-Down Icon on the top-right corner of the XSampler to open the Record Input menu. Select the desired audio input source.
    2. Click the Record Button in XSampler to start recording. The waveform appears in real-time when recording.
    3. Click the Record button again to stop recording.
    4. Click the Play button to preview your sample.

The imported file is automatically copied to the project’s \Audio folder. 

Editing Samples

After adding a sample, use the Waveform panel to edit the sample further.

  1. Drag the left and right ends of the waveform to trim the start and end points
  2. To the left of the keyboard, drag the Root value up/down. You may preview a note by clicking the keys on the XSampler keyboard. Alternatively, hold down CTRL (Windows) / CMD (Mac) and click the desired keyboard key
  3. Click the Control Panel Icon to view more processing effects, such as the ADSR envelope, Pitch, MIDI and Filter


Triggering Samples

Each XSampler track can only store a single sample. If you import or record another sample, it will overwrite the previous sample. To revert to the previous sample, select Edit > Undo. You can specify the play mode by selecting one of the following modes in the toolbar:

  • Gate - plays the entire length of the sample as long as you hold on to the key
  • Loop - plays the entire length of the sample until it reaches the loop end marker and repeats the sample over again as long as you hold on to the key
    • Drag the crossfade handle left/right to adjust the crossfade length
  • One Shot - plays the entire length of the sample from start to end, whether you hold on to the key or not

There are several ways to trigger the samples in your XSampler:

  • Select View > Show Virtual MIDI Controller, or CTRL+M (Windows) / CMD+M (Mac), to play with your QWERTY keys
  • Connect an external MIDI controller and select it as the track input
  • Double-click on a MIDI track, edit notes and playback from the Piano Roll view
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